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Charity Pierce

Charity Pierce and Charity 600

Charity Pierce appeared on season 3 of TLC’s My 600lb Life. She began her journey weighing nearly 800 pounds and suffering from flesh-eating bacteria. Despite her setbacks, Charity persevered and ended up losing more than 513 pounds.

Sadly, she has had some health issues since the show. But she has kept fans updated on TikTok.

Weight loss

Charity Pierce appeared on the TLC show My 600lb Life during season three in 2015. She weighed almost 800 pounds and was unable to function. She was suffering from flesh-eating bacteria and oversize fat deposits. She also had a fiance and daughter who helped her through the tough times.

She lost 400lb during her time on the show and underwent gastric bypass surgery. She was able to get her life back on track after going through the journey with her family. Charity and her daughter Charly wanted Dr Now to approve them for skin removal surgery but he wouldn’t do so until they both lost 200lb.

It’s been a while since Charity appeared on the show but it looks like she’s kept the weight off. She has a public Facebook profile but hasn’t updated it in quite some time. She appears to be doing well and has a new granddaughter. Charity has been keeping up with fans on TikTok and regularly shares pictures of herself looking great.


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A recently aired episode of My 600-lb Life, and Charity’s social media rebuttal to the content of the episode has brought attention back to the relationship between Charity and her daughter Charly.


Charity Pierce of season 3 of My 600-lb Life was a show star that made waves because of the many hardships she faced during her time on the reality series. She lost weight, had an excess skin removal surgery, and found out her fiance was cheating on her with her sister. However, if the recently-aired episode of the show’s update series and her Facebook statement are any indication, it seems that Charity is having trouble with health issues as well. Fortunately, free and low-cost healthcare is available for those who need it. Hospitals can provide financial assistance for people who don’t have the means to pay for medical care through their charity care programs. They also have clinics that are specifically designed to help those in need of healthcare services.

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